Written by Gerhard Winkler/Fred Rauch/Carl Sigmann
Performed by Bob Dylan during the fall part of the 1991 tour
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

The fast chord progression in the third line of the verses is played:

G C F     G   C
.   .   .     :

The first chord in the last line of the verses is usually played as a Dm7, but occasionally a Fmaj7 (133210) sneaks in, with a G11 (3x3211) or a Dm7 on “sweet-”:

Fmaj7      G11  C
Answer me, sweetheart.

C          G
Answer me, oh my love
F                         C
Just what sin have I been guilty of
G     C   F   F(v) F   G C
Won't you tell me  how I lost your love
Dm7             C
Answer me, sweetheart.

You were mine yesterday
I thought love was here tot stay
Won't you tell where I've gone astray,
Answer me my love

Em                Am
If you can do without me
Em         B7       Em
I'll try not to care
But if you ever think about me
D7                     G11
Won't you listen to my prayers?

You must know I been true
won't you say we can start anew
In my sorrow now I turn to you
Answer me my love