Written by Don Robertson and Jack Rollins
Recorded by Bob Dylan and the Band in the Basement, Summer of 1967
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

Capo 5th fret (sounding key C major)

The rhythm of the intro figure recurs here and there in the song, in the chords between the verse lines.


  G           C/g           G
  :     .     .     .       :     .     .     .
                                  I don't hurt . . .

[n.c.]          C
I don't hurt anymore
                     G     C/g G
All my teardrops are dry.
No more walking the floor
                    G     C/g G7
With that burning inside.

[n.c.]                 C
Just to think it could be
                    G    C/g G
Time has opened the door
And at last I am free.
[n.c.]          G     C  G
I don't hurt anymore.

No use to deny I wanted to die
                              G       C/g G
The day that you said we were through.
But now that I'm fine, you're out of my mind,
D7 [n.c.]
I can't believe that it's true.

I forgot it somehow
That I cared so before
And it's wonderful now.
I don't hurt anymore.