Written by Baker Knight, recorded by Ricky Nelson
Played live by Bob Dylan during the 1986 tour with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

The “(Dm)” in the third line could be played both as an Fm or as a Dm, or as a combination of the two: both xx3130 and xx0111 ar possible alternatives.

G11     3x3211

The lyrics differ somewhat from Ricky Nelson’s, on minor points (such as the change of “In the town of broken dreams” to “There’s a town . . .”).

C              E
There's a place where lovers go
F            G(11)     C     (/d-e)
To cry their troubles away,
F        (Dm)    C        Am
And they call it lonesome town,
Dm        G(11)         C     G(11)
Where the broken hearts stay.

You can buy a dream or two
To last you all through the years,
And the only price you pay
Is a heart full of tears.

F             Em
Goin' down to lonesome town
Dm                      C   (/d-e)
Where the broken hearts stay,
F             Em
Maybe down in lonesome town
     D7              G(11)
I'll cry my troubles away.

There's a place of broken dreams
Every streets is filled with regret.
Maybe down in lonesome town
I can learn to forget.