Written by Joseph C. Scott
Performed by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez during the first Rolling Thunder Revue (1975)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

D9 = xx0210 (play straight D if you prefer that)

(/d-e-f#) G

            G          Em
Just let me love you tonight
Am(/c) D           G  Em
    Forget about tomorrow
Am(/c) D              G        Em
    My darlin' let me hold you tight
    C G/b Am  D  G       C/g  G
And never let me go

Dry your eyes
No tears and no sorrow
Cling to me with all your might
And never let me go


  C                Cm
A million times or more dear
    G         D     G        G7
You said we'd never part
    B7       Em
But lately I find
  A7             D...C...G/b...D9
A stranger in my arms

Give me the right
In summer or in spring-time
To tell the world that you are mine
And never let me go.

C  G/b  Am D  G