Words and music John Hiatt
Performed by Bob Dylan in the movie Hearts of Fire (1987)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem


I'm trippin over dumb drunks at a party
F                      G                 A
My girlfriend just ran off with the DJ
I'd give her everything I had, but she refused it
F                        G                         A
It don't matter now, she don't know how to use it
My confidence is dwindling
Look at the shape I'm in
Where's my pearls, where's the swine?

D                                           [n.c.]
I'm not thirsty, but I'm standing in line.
I'll have the usual

Yeah, I'll have the usual

Fifty silhouettes now tumblin' on the dance floor
Pink elephants fallin' through a trap door
Sixty cigarettes a day because I'm nervous
When will that bitch begin to serve us?
I used to be a good boy, livin' the good life
Fifty thousand kisses later she was a housewife
She was good, I was unkind

I'm not thirsty, but I'm standin' in line
I'll have the usual, yeah
I'll have the usual

Big Jim says that the second comin's comin'
I think he must be seein' double or something
You can hang around here, waiting for the offerings
I can't win, but I've seen enough, man
A fifth of whisky keep the doctor away
A little more and it's judgment day
I had a future, but she just passed out

I'm gonna drink until I see what am I talkin' about
I'll have the usual, yeah
I'll have the usual
I'll have the usual
Yeah, the usual