Words and Music W. Bullock and R. Whiting, Whiting music corp./EMI Robbins Catalog Sung by Bob Dylan on Down In The Groove (1988) Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem


Dm7  x00211
Bm7  224232
E+   022110

When did you leave heaven?
D                      Dm7
How could they let you go?
A                    F#
How's every thing in heaven?
Bm7         E
I'd like to know.

Why did you trade heaven?
D                     Dm7
For all these earthly things?
A                                F#
Where on earth did you hide your halo?
Bm7           E          A
Where did you lose your wings?

Have they missed you?
Can you get back in?
     B7                (E)
If I kiss you would it be a sin?

E+        A
I am only human
D                Dm
but you are so divine.
A                  F#
When did you leave heaven
Bm7 E A
angel mine?