Words and music Bob Dylan.
Released on Oh Mercy (1989).
Tabbed by Jeff Kokosinski, with slight emendations by Eyolf Østrem.

D’ in the last line of the verses is basically a D and a G played at the same time on different guitars. It can be emulated by playing a Dsus4 chord (xx0233).

 Far away where the soft winds blow
                 C    Eb
Far away from it all
 There is a place you go
G     D'        G
Where teardrops fall.

Far away in the stormy night
Far away and over the wall
You are there in the flickering light
Where teardrops fall.

We banged the drum slowly

And played the fife lowly
You know the song in my heart
In the turning of twilight

In the shadows of moonlight
        Cm                     D
You can show me a new place to start.

I've torn my clothes and I've drained the cup
Strippin' away at it all
Thinking of you when the sun comes up
Where teardrops fall.

By rivers of blindness
In love and with kindness
We could hold up a toast if we meet
To the cuttin' of fences
To sharpen the senses
That linger in the fireball heat.

Roses are red violets are blue
And time is beginning to crawl
I just might have to come to see you
Where teardrops fall.